To the Moon and Back?

Erica Mia, Erca, Emo, Mama Mia, Mother, Vegn, Veggie, Lu Lu, Gace, Sissy, Ellie May, Blondie, Lester, Raccoon, Louise, and more are all the names she responds to. Green eyed, blonde haired, Gemini. She may be a little scary off hand and she was known to be born without a heart, but she would never harm a fly. Definitely a little high maintenance, and slightly ocd, but never shallow. Animal loving activist, art fanatic, music junkie, yoga practicing, wanna be author with writers block. Vegn, once active Peta member willing to take criticism if it means standing up for an animal. Suffers from some anxiety disorder and gets scared as easy as a snap of the fingers a couple feet away. Doesn't care what people think, will help anyone, regardless is she likes them or not, sticks up for you, even after you insult her, would do anything to help you out, not afraid to state her opinion, going to be famous, and will definitely make a difference even if it means being different.

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I’m chinchillin’ today

I’m chinchillin’ today

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